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Current Projects

These are just a few of the projects I've worked on, and brands I've created.


Began in 2012, we've sold over 1 million lights worldwide. Featured on the cover of Specialty Retail Magazine and voted best specialty retail item three years in a row, these self assemble lampshades make unique light art that remains incredibly popular. 

To see this product in action:

Past Projects


Pawvy was a 501(c)(3) NonProfit organization that donated pet food and health care products to Idaho shelters and rescues. Our mission was to promote the welfare of both people and animals by strengthening the human-animal bond and providing learning opportunities for children and adults.

We were self funded by sales of our pet products:

Event Sales
Event Sales

Not only have I spent quite a bit of time building my own brands, but I've also sold a tremendous amount of unique, novel and demonstrable merchandise from other suppliers. In the busiest years we were averaging 150+ tradeshows and malls per year. While I no longer travel, I still maintain an online catalog for retail sales:

Cause Marketing!

My greatest honor has been to serve through cause marketing. My company raised large amounts through the sale of our products. If you have a small business that would like to make a difference in your community, let's brainstorm cause marketing campaign ideas. They cost nothing to initiate... and bring immeasurable goodwill and purpose for your employees.

Bamboo Traditions
Bamboo Traditions

Beginning in 2013, we private labeled and sold both retail and wholesale a unique line of bamboo sheets and pillows. We were featured on the cover article for Specialty Retail magazine the following holiday. While incredibly popular for in person sales. they were also a winner for social media and went viral on various platforms.

Hot Springs 
Hot Springs Therapy

This is a line of mineral bath soaks that were inspired by the nation's major hot springs. We used the specific mineral components of the world's most popular hot springs' destinations and replicated them in Idaho.

Nature's Turnprep

The Nature's Turnprep is a unique rotating dehydrator that dries food in a fraction of the time. What made the unit unique is its low wattage usage. It has all the benefits of a larger commercial dehydrator, but runs on the power usage of a low wattage led bulb.

The Vertical Garden

Launched in 1998. this unique stackable planter is still sold at the nation's major flower shows. We have been featured in a variety of garden catalogs, Plow & Hearth, Ace Hardware, Walmart and the The Shopping Channel. 

Pete McCleary's
Pete McCleary's Soups and Dips

Pete McCleary's Soups, Dips and Irish Dipping bowl was the first line of products I created. The line was very popular and garnered a following quickly. We were featured in several catalogues and sold on QVC.

The Coffee
The Coffee Crush

Serial entrepreneurs enjoy a new challenge! I've never been afraid of exploring new ventures. In this spirit, I purchased a coffee shop, rebranded it and created a full line of digital assets and online presence. I spent substantial time learning about the coffee industry and food service in general. 

Play Sprockets
Play Sprockets

We created the Play Sprockets brand in 2016 primarily to sell to mall cart operators for the holiday season. Because of the unique interconnected pieces and movements of the play sets, they were a big winner for Specialty Retail. That Christmas we were featured for the third time as the cover story for Specialty Retail Magazine.

Holiday Gift Show
Magic Valley Holiday Food & Gift Festival

We created the Magic Valley Holiday Food and Gift Festival which ran for several years. From initial conception, vendor onboarding, event marketing and show decor, this project was an act of great love. We are thankful to our event attendees and vendors who helped us create lasting memories.


Kismedic was an all natural, fragrance free line of cosmetics. Our lotions and scrubs were specifically designed for people with serious skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. We sold this item nationwide at tradeshows, and wholesale to distributors.

Celebrity Liaison & Production

During my career I loved helping produce celebrity appearances for trade shows. It was a blast to work with celebrities such as QVC's David Venable, Celebrity Chef Marc Gill, HGTV Clean Sweep’s Eric Stromer , Desperate Landscape’s Jason Cameron, and
Auction Kings’ Paul Brown.

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