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I'm available for...

Business Consultant
Small Business Consulting

Passionate about small business, I will bring enthusiasm and intention to help you in a variety of subject areas. If you need consulting in regards to: tradeshow marketing or management, manufacturing a product overseas, direct marketing campaigns or emergent strategies for our changing environment, it would be my pleasure to assist you!

Guest Speaker

Serial entrepreneurship comes with an inherent passion to share your experience. If you have a group you'd like me to present to regarding the possibilities and potential pitfalls of owning your own business, I'd be honored. I'm especially appreciative of the opportunity to speak to young adults who may just be beginning to consider college and potential careers.

Typing on a Laptop
Guest Writer

If you have a publication related to marketing, hospitality, trade shows, entrepreneurship or small business, I'd love to contribute! I'm well versed in a wide variety of topics that may appeal to your readership.

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